Thursday, February 24, 2011

~* English Class Blues *~

Wow, so much has happened...

wait, don't all of my posts start that way? It's because I hardly ever post. I need to. LoL.

Anyway, so I am a senior part time at Lehi high, and part time at East Shore high. I have a little over two dozen packets left to do, but that's SO much better than the 50 I started with.
I am trying to figure out what my plans for college are, but I'm not too sure yet.

I've written a two songs since I last posted. I know, it's been a slow few months, and I got into kind of a funk. But I'm getting back in the habit :)

Right now I'm sitting in English class, supposed to be writing my rough draft (which I've already started and half finished on my own time) for a huge essay project. I've been researching the mystery of The Bermuda Triangle. It's kind of spooky. Because I'm farther on my project than anyone here (and the fact that I forgot my notebook with all of my work for this class at home), I decided to FINALLY post a new blog. <3

Well, school's almost out, and I'm being kicked off the computer. So have fun, and I'll try to post more often.

Party Hardy, Much Love xD

Friday, July 16, 2010

"Life" in real life.

This summer seems to have been really showing me a taste of what the real world is going to be like. I'm not so sure that I like it...but I'll make do.
I signed up for my ACT today. When filling out all of the info I had to list my top 4 colleges. It then dawned on me that next fall I'll be going to one of those schools. HOLY COW!! Where has my life gone? But then again I sort of feel like I never had a life that could've gone anywhere, because it's now (FINALLY) starting.

I finalized my major and vocational studies at those schools today too. I'll be taking Music Theory and Composition as my major, and then also study Economics and Managerial Study. I also have an internship lined up with Vyrus Records, in Provo. I'm so excited!! My career as a Music Producer is falling into place, and I really feel like it's possible now.

I turn 18 in Sept. and everyone keeps telling me that it's not a magic number.. but if it's not, then why do I feel magic in the air and a new wave of possibilities rolling in for me? :D

Sunday, May 16, 2010


So for my English Final this year, I am doing my project on mythology. But, not just any mythology. Greek Mythology. A lot of people seem to confuse the Greek Mythology with that of the Roman's. Or they think that they are the same. Everyone's heard of Zeus' number one wife, right? How she was so jealous and out to catch him in his infidelity. Well, did you know that Juno and Hera are the same person? Juno is her Roman name, Hera is her Greek name. Anyways, enough with my babble. For one of my projects I have to make three alternative texts (art work, songs, blogs, etc. ) The latter of the three is what this whole post is about. I wrote a story, that I was going to post, about Aphrodite. She's my absolute favorite!! I hope you like it.

" My second cousin Aphrodite was the Greek goddess of love, beauty, fertility and desire, and was rumored to be the oldest of the twelve Olympian gods. (Hey, I wasn't about to ask her age...are you crazy?) If you thought Athena's birth was rather odd, springing as she did full-grown out of the head of Zeus, wait until you hear about how the proud, gorgeous (and often cruel) Aphrodite came to be!

Cronus was the son of the great god Uranus (Heaven, Sky) and Gaia (Mother Earth). I vaguely remember them, I was so young when they died...The stories I heard at grandpa Hesiod's knee say that as his children were born, nasty old Uranus went and imprisoned them so they wouldn't challenge his rule, causing Mother Earth great grief. You should never mess with Mother Earth, boys and girls...

With his mother's help (and a very sharp sickle!) Cronus ambushed his father and castrated him. Ouch! Hate when that happens...Cronus threw Uranus' severed parts into the sea, and a host of giants and nymphs arose from the water, including cousin Aphrodite.

Man, my cousin always knew how to make an appearance...Aphrodite ("Afros" is Greek for "foam of the sea") emerged naked from the foam and stepped ashore at Cyprus or Cythera, we're not sure. (People were so stunned at her beauty, they forgot where they were, the story goes.)

Incidentally, some say the goddess of desire's connection with water may be one reason seafood has been considered an aphrodisiac throughout the ages.

Grass and flowers sprang up wherever her feet touched the earth. The Seasons clothed, perfumed and covered her in jewels, and brought her before the Immortals.

It was the hottest ticket in town. "APHRODITE DEBUTANTE!" screamed the headlines of the Mount Olympus Chronicle. Gods and mortals alike were in a frenzy, getting their hair done and ordering spiffy new togas from Niko of Athens and Ermani of Patra for the coming-out ball.

That's the story of Aphrodite's birth according to grandpa Hesiod, circa 800BC. Uncle Homer, on the other hand, in the Iliad claims that she was the daughter of Zeus and Dione. Boring version, unc. Stick to the war stories, will ya?
From these two different origins, my philosopher cousin Plato (man was he cerebral, you asked him what time it was, he told you how to build a sundial...) identified two Aphrodites. One, the daughter of Uranus, also called Urania, was the noble goddess of pure love. The kind of girl you didn't mind sending a dozen roses to on impulse, dinner, candlelight, music, the works.

The other, the daughter of Dione, also called Pandemos, was the goddess of 'common' love. She could be a real *itch, if you know what I mean, pardon my Greek. (Hey, you want me to lie?) Conniving Aphrodite in her Pandemos persona broke up many a decent Hellenic home. My mailman Hermes tells me she's now taken up residence in a place called Washington, DC. I think it's near Hades.

So who to believe, gramps or unc? In this instance, I prefer grandpa Hesiod's version of Aphrodite's origin, it's so much more credible. Besides, grandpa Hesiod always told the neatest stories! Sometimes, though, I swear he was making stuff up just to amuse us kids.

And talk about a plum job! As a goddess, Aphrodite had only one divine duty: to make love and to inspire others to do so as well. Her primary function was to preside over reproduction, ensuring the survival of the community.

Hard work, but hey, someone's got to do it

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Promy prom prom

So.... Kevan asked me to prom on Wednesday... and oh wow, it was crazy!

So I had choir festival until around 5pm on Wed. Kevan had told me earlier that week that he had to work that day, so he couldn't come watch. Thinking nothing of it, I was all " Oh, okay, sucks for you. lol. "

At around 4:30 I get this weird text from my friend Mike saying "are you home yet? are you home yet? are you home yet?" But I was still on the bus headed back to the school. When I asked him why he was in such a rush for me to get back, he said "oh, im just bored and want a friend over. Devin's here, but you should come too."
Then I texted his gf, Michelle, wondering if she was going too. She was all "no, that's weird. why would he not tell me, and then be so excited for you to come over?" I knew she was upset so I made up this long thing about how it was actually our friend Devin not Mike, trying to make her happy.
So I finally DO get home, and sitting on my bed is a bouquet of balloons in my fav. colors and a poster board saying "Don't be a 'skull candy' (cuz i'd been looking for ear buds for school. Can't really sneak music in during class with the big ones :)) ) be a 'lifesaver' and Please go to prom with me? Love, Kevan. "

WOW! It was SO cute.
During all of this Mike was still texting me, actually it was kinda making me feel uneasy. Why would he want to see and be with me so bad ?! O_O odd....
So I finally just say okay, ill hang with you. I went to ask Val if I could go, and she was all "is Kevan going to be there?"
"No, he's at work" :(
"Oh, when he came to set up that stuff in your room earlier he had mentioned that he got work off today.."
"WHAT?! "

So now I was really suspicious! But when they came to get me, it was only Mike and Devin... So I ended up getting my hopes crushed. Then I got curious... what was Kevan up to, since he didn't have work? O_O
Then as I walked down my steps and around the corner of the garage, I saw the corner of Kevan's car, and before I even saw him I jumped. Thankfully I landed in his arms. LOL It was Kevan texting me the whole time.

OH! and GUESS WHAT?! Michelle was there the WHOLET TIME! So they were all over at Mike's house comparing texts, calling me out on the story I fed Chelle, laughing at the fact that I'd lie to her even if it was only out of love. LOL

So yea... It was a Hecktic day.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Funny girl

Rylie: kenzi, that's a very cute picture on your door... Did you draw it?

Me: no, I didn't. Kevan drew it for me. He does cute things like that for me all the time.

Rylie: oh, that's how my best friend, Spencer, is. He's a cute boy, especially when he smiles like this --> xD

me: ooooh, Spencer? Does that mean you have a crush on him?

Rylie: no, he's just my very best friend......kenzi, who do you have a crush on?

Me: well, I have a crush on Kevan.

Rylie: *gasp* I KNEW IT!! *snaps fingers in triumph*

Monday, February 22, 2010

Long time

So a lot has happened since I last wrote.

October 20o9: I got my braces off!!!!

November 20o9: I started dating my now boyfriend, Kevan. He's adorable. I love that kid.
We went to the Sadie Hawkins Dance. It was so awesome. We made tie dye shirts the night before, and wore those. We met up with my friend Michelle and her bf, Mike. Our group pics are cute. :D
Thanksgiving was fun. Everyone came over here, to Val and Evan's house. So that was an adventure.

December 20o9: Christmas was fun. I went with my dad and stayed at my grandparents house in Logan. It was great to see that side of my family again, after such a long time.
I got an Ipod touch, and lots a cUUTe clothes. They also got me a gorgeous dress for Prom. It was meant for the winter Ball, but at last minute the school changed it. Then the theme was Dirt Cheap. I didn't want to be a freaking hobo, thanks much.

January 2o10: The semester changed, and so I got new classes. I'm so happy, my g.p.a. is a 3.5!!!!! That's the highest it's ever been,,,, EVER.
I've been doing fairly well on my packets. Could do better, but I'm getting them done. That's all that matters. Now I have 15.5 credits to make up,,, instead of having 24 credits to make up.
Like I said in the December part, there was a Winter Ball,,that I didn't go to. And for good reason! Stupid student counsel president decided to change it for the whole school, because he didn't have enough for a legit date. What a loser. Get a job, loser. Then you'll have money next time. ugh.
Kevan got a job, and a car :D
Oh! and I got a phone :P

February 2o10: Woh. That's all I have to say. They say that February is the season of love, and I definitely felt it. <3
Kevan and I went with Mike and Michelle to the Sweethearts Dance. It was so beautifully decorated, and it was so fun. They actually had some decent music, and I'm excited to get the pictures back.
Kevan got me a beautiful jeweled heart necklace. It's my favorite. Ah,,I love it! And I put together an art set for him. You should see his drawings, they are WAY good.
I dyed my hair. I like it better Darker. :D

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

G0odness Me!

Right now life is sort of blah. It's one of those times right after an exciting event, but right before another one. So I feel sort of on Idle right now. But at least there is no drama, so that's good.

I'm actually at school right now, and because my grades are good ( :D ) I have nothing to catch up on, so I'm just chillen with my friends: Jade, Chris, Amy, and Chandler.
Jade has the cutest laugh in the world!! hahahahha

before this class we had lunch, and before that I was in Midvale for a field trip watching Tap Dogs. OMG, they were hot!! Two were Australian, one was British, and the rest were my age-ish. LOL. Michelle and I had funfunfun!

Wellz, ima go for now.
Party Hardy!